Fairy/Miniature Garden & Accessories

When difficulty becomes a decorative issue at ‘Home’, ‘Office’ or ‘Gifts’ to Loved ones. Creative Solutions at My Store ‘Shopateaze’ has a wide selection with a variety of options, from project sizes, ‘Mini’ to ‘Large’.
Prices are Respectfully Affordable, giving customers the chance to endure a feeling of Logic & Loyalty.
When you have placed your order, let your mind at ‘Ease’, and allow us to work for you, until the day of receiving your purchase, you will be most satisfied..

Not only can you purchase a complete project, but ‘My Store‘ also brings to you a selective range of Accessories, with the opportunity to choose from any desired single products, if you are also creating or decorating specific places in your own domain, then we have lovely ideas for too..

With the wide range of Items we have to Offer, updates are always preparing you for always something New.
Here is a list of the Many Features & Items available:-

*Miniature Gardens (Full Projects)
*Miniature Ponds (indoor/Outdoor) – Desk tops, Lounge room, Bedrooms, Study, etc..
*Fairy Gardens – Bring the Fairy-tale to your Home, Enjoyable to the whole family or single decorative purposes..
*Single Accessories (Figurines, mini houses, mini Mushrooms, etc.. You name it, we create it).
*Live or Artificial plants – Creations

*‘NOTE: All Hand Crafted products Only’ – (No moulds or tools used).

Feel free to contact us to make arrangements..

We hope you enjoy..!