New & Respectful 2nd Hand Items

New Quality items

Loyal prices are a friend indeed at a time of Need, when Honesty is the best policy..

Some items take roughly 1 month to arrive, depending on the product, but if you’re patient it’s worth the wait, saving you 50% off the Local price. Comparing to Local prices from my research, i have found that shopping through My Store, will certainly Benefit you & Not the Bank Accounts of the retail stores.
When you Place an Order, you must keep in mind and remember that My Store deals with Professional Online Companies, always testing the items, making sure they are Correct & in 100% working Order before sales..

2nd Hand Items


*All 2nd hand items are Guaranteed to be in perfect working order like New condition, other wise ‘Wear and Tear’ issues will be addressed Clearly for customers to See.
*Any Faulty items will be Announced in clear writing under the product description, & sold for ‘Cheap’ or ‘Parts’.
*Items will be Respectfully Clean, & thoroughly Checked before Sale.


Delivery Fees inquiries- Call for more information on arrangements, State to State have different pricing’s