About Store


Welcome to My Store ‘Shopateaze‘.
I have always gone shopping & found that instead of paying a fair price for an item, i am being over charged, so i may not buy it from that store & seek for it elsewhere. Most of the time i will find it at a lower price, though their are times where i fail.
So i turn to my trusting companies online, who always make life easier, saving me half the expenses of a normal purchase, allowing me to place my savings towards other necessities, or desired areas.

My Store express’s the Variety of options, that allow you to Browse  a wide selection of
*D.I.Y Indoor and Outdoor decorative products & accessories, also considering other features, such as
*’New’ to ‘Respectfully up to date 2nd hand’ items that have extreme value to every individuals every day lifestyle, all guaranteed to Entertain the whole family, Tools helping you on an everyday basis, and most of, ‘All’ on an affordable budget to keep your spirit high.